Scriptio is an open source framework for presenting animations and educational content in a rich online experience. Featuring an easy-to-learn scripting language for fast prototyping and production-quality development, Scriptio is designed for rich Web 2.0 applications.

JavaScript Framework

Scriptio is written in JavaScript, and exploits Ajax techniques. Ajax refers to tools and methods for creating interactive web applications. If accompanying narration or sound is needed, interfaces to HTML5 Audio, Flash, QuickTime, and standard audio formats are supported.


Intuitive scripting language
The scripting language is a simple and easy to understand. It can also be extended since it is built in JavaScript.
Rich object set
Text, images, rectangles, lines, and circles are supported. Input controls such as buttons, text entry fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes are used for created highly-interactive instructional presentations.
Multiple audio options
If you need a music or narration soundtrack, interfaces for QuickTime and Flash are included. A Java applet that supports audio formats of Ogg, AU, and WAV has also been developed.
Authoring Tools
An "author mode" gives valuable feedback as you work and develop your scripts.