There are two download packages available. Scriptio is offered in both a Gnu Public License (GPL) and a commercial license.

The GPL version requires you to release all your code that uses Scriptio under the GPL. A copy of the GPL license can be found here.

The commercial license (details here) does not force you to release all your code built on Scriptio. This license is more appropriate for companies that develop animations or educational software and wish to retain their proprietary rights.

Here are some general guidelines in how to choose the license best for you:

  • If your software is licensed under either the GPL-compatible Free Software License as defined by the Free Software Foundation, then use our GPL Licensed version.
  • If you distribute a proprietary application in any way, and you are not licensing and distributing your source code under GPL, you must to purchase a Scriptio Commercial License.
  • If you are unsure, we recommend our cost-effective Commercial License to be safe. Contact us if you have licensing questions, and we encourage you to refer to the Free Software Foundation or a lawyer if you are still not sure which license is best for you.

If you would like to purchase a reasonably-priced Commercial License, click here.